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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Circle Roses

At the moment I'm full steam ahead into creating Gracey's Butterfly wonderland for her 1st birthday.  One of the beautiful decorations I have stumbled across are burnt satin roses, using my heat emboss tool.  They are so easy to make and end up looking like a beautiful creation you would see on a wedding dress or lush hat at the races.
Trace various sized circles on to satin lining fabric (super cheap at fabric stores).

Pin and cut out.
Secure circles from biggest to smallest with a metal brad. Using a heat embossing tool and tongs to hold your circle flower, heat until satin begins to curl up.  Continue until you achieve your chosen result. I was amazed at how easy these were to make. 

Expect to see many of these in the coming Birthday Bash pics!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

A new find....Lovely Design Blog

I've been having a bit of a blog hop tonight....just looking at links from one blog to another.  Somehow I've ended up at the Lovely Design Blog. Sharilyn is not only a talented artist but also a Mother.  I particularly enjoyed readign about her struggle to get her little 3 year old to have a day time nap and loved her solution using a sleep time candle.  I'm hoping I don't have this problem in the coming years, but will store this little gem away...just incase!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just love these!

I love all things to do with children's decor.  This is my new love.  If I had a spare bucket of money I would go crazy over at chocovenyl. Such beautiful fabric wall decals with some of the most unusual and unique designs I've see.  These are a couple of my favourites:
Super cute! Definately on my ideas list for my kiddies next room makeover.